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I first discovered my passion for all things design when I was a child. Today, I create beautiful websites to tell your story, using images, fonts, and color combinations to communicate. I More about me here! →


There's nothing I like more than the challenge of a commission and working together with a client to produce something that’s really satisfying for both of us. I’ve worked on a range of projects from designing websites to business cards to branding work, blog content, and much more. If you’re looking for a designer, or someone to produce great digital content for you please get in touch!

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Client Reviews

Impressed by her gorgeous travel posts about some of Scandinavia’s more remote destinations, we reached out to Elisabeth about republishing her work in our newspaper, The Norwegian American. She has always been a joy to work with, and her stunning photographs of Ålesund and the Faroe Islands have even earned her a spot on a couple of our front covers.
— Molly Jones, Assistant Editor at The Norwegian American
Elisabeth mocked up a brilliant, minimalist, black and white design and then allowed me room for refinement as we created the final result together. These cards are unique and so fitting with the style of my paintings. I’m very impressed and happy with the result!
— Jeremy Szostak, SZOart